A Velvet 911 Exists And There's Not A Damn Thing You Can Do About It

So is it a Porsche or a bug?

For whatever reason it seems like velvet-wrapped cars are becomingmore and more popular. It wasn’t long ago that a blue velvet Ferrari wasspotted in London, and now there’s this black velvet Porsche 911. The 996 iscovered from top to bottom in the velvet, which makes it fun to touch but a bitridiculous to look at. Up close, velvet wraps don't look all that bad but from even ashort distance they start to look odd. This Porsche especially looks like a hairy littlebug.

You can see the Velvet Porsche 911 in all its glory in the video here. This may be the only walkaround video where people are petting the car being shot.

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