A Very German Reveal for the SLS AMG Replacement

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And it'll square off against the likes of the Porsche 911.

Mercedes-Benz may be calling it a day for the SLS AMG GT gullwing and roadster, but a replacement is just around the corner. Likely to be called the GT, this new Porsche 911 fighter will have its official debut at the 2014 German Grand Prix next July. Unlike the SLS AMG, the new two-seater will not have a naturally-aspirated V8 under its hood. In its place will be a new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that will reportedly make nearly 500 horsepower.

Production will take place at the same AMG facility in Affalterbach, Germany where the SLS was built. While spy shots have made clear the GT will also have a long hood and short rear deck, it will be significantly lighter than the SLS thanks to a new aluminum spaceframe. The body will be made from a combination of aluminum and other composites. Sadly, gullwing doors will not return. Still, the new GT is a very important car for Mercedes and it stands a good chance of attracting potential 911 buyers. A big reveal at a German F1 race is the ideal venue.

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