A Video Showcase of the One and Only Ariel Atom

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A short collection of videos showing why the Ariel Atom is one of the most amazing things on the road today.

The Ariel Atom is one incredible machine. Since its debut several years ago, it has literally managed to blow away (in performance) some of the most exotic and expensive supercars on the planet. With its exposed lightweight frame and a suspension tuned by Lotus, the Atom's inspiration comes from single seat racing cars. But unlike those, the Atom is street legal and is without question one of the best experiences any driver will have behind the wheel of a car.

Although it's basic (no roof or windows), the Atom is truly quite something. So we've gone ahead and put together a short collection of Ariel Atom videos from the past few years showing just how bonkers and outstanding this thing is.

Of course this wouldn't be a proper Ariel Atom story without a segment from 'Top Gear'. This is quite possibly one of the Atom's most famous moments, watching Jeremy Clarkson's face being nearly ripped off as he accelerates down the track in an Atom V8 with 500 blazing horsepower.

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Now out of production, 'The Car Show' did a great segment on "adult go-carts", pitting the British-engineered Ariel Atom up against the Austrian designed KTM X-Bow. Host Matt Farah had the chance to take both of these bare-bone machines out on a test track to see which one ranks supreme in terms of all-out speed and overall performance.

Now the question many Ariel Atom fans may have been asking themselves for some time is whether the car is able to drift. UK auto publication Autocar wondered the same thing a few months back, so they filmed a story segment to find out.

Ah yes, the inevitable drag race. We all know for a fact that the Ariel Atom is insanely fast, but how does it stack up against a Mustang Cobra and a Dodge Viper? Just so that you know, this is not the V8-powered, UK-built model, but a U.S.-spec powered by GM's Ecotec 2.0-liter four pot that's been supercharged to 300hp.

Honda's semi-official tuning partner Mugen was given the chance to tune both the Honda CRZ hybrid and the Ariel Atom. The latter comes equipped with a 270hp 2.0-liter engine taken from the Civic Type-R while the CRZ Mugen is a one-off with a supercharged 200hp engine. Mugen worked their magic on each of the cars and the results are simply brilliant.

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