A Volkswagen Passat Coupe Would Be Nice (in Europe)

Consider it the poor man's Audi A5.

Volkswagen revealed its all-new Euro Passat last week, and the reaction has so far been solid. Compared to its US counterpart, this new Passat is clearly of higher quality inside and out. Just look at it. If it reminds you of the old VW Phaeton then you’re not alone. VW clearly is aiming high in the marketplace these days and it expects for its Passat sedan and wagon to help lead the pack. But what if there were to be a Passat coupe?

It’s never been done before, but rendering artist Theophilus Chin has created these latest images showing what such a car could look like. Think of it as a more affordable Audi A5. Its lines are just as handsome as those of the sedan. In fact, it may even look a bit better as a coupe. Anyway, chances are low this car will actually happen, but it’s an intriguing idea nonetheless.

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