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A Volvo P1800 Coupe for the 21st Century

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In honor of its 50th anniversary, Volvo's chief designer renders what a modern P1800 could look like.

The word 'sporty' doesn't immediately come to mind when thinking of Volvo. However, there was a time when the Swedish automaker built something that fit that definition. The P1800 was first introduced back in 1960 at the Brussels Motor Show. First manufactured in the UK, it went on sale in 1961 and remained in production until 1973. In addition, it was used in the classic TV series "The Saint" starring Roger Moore.

And now, Volvo chief designer Christopher Benjamin has come up with a rendering showing what a modern 21st century P1800 could look like. Done to celebrate the car's 50th anniversary, the design blends the design language of the Volvo Concept You sedan from the Frankfurt Motor Show last September along with styling elements from the original. Although Volvo has never publicly mentioned building a new version, these concept sketches could make the automaker think twice. Compared to their current three-door C30, a new P1800 featuring this styling could be a much wiser alternative.

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