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A Volvo XC90 Drives Across The World's Longest Glass Bridge To Prove A Point

Volvo is known for its safety, but what about the breakable bridge?

Many people have a fear of heights, and that fear can become suffocating in certain situations, say while walking across a glass bridge in China. Of course the bridge is engineered to carry the weight of many visitors at once. To prove it, courageous volunteers toting sledgehammers and a Volvo XC90 were called upon. First up were the sledgehammer-wielding volunteers. After they cracked but did not break the glass it was time to roll out (literally) the Volvo XC90.

This feat hopefully reassured visitors that even a fully loaded SUV (no mention if this XC90 had a bar inside like other Chinese versions) can be driven across. Note: The video states that the XC90 that drives across weighs 15 tons when in reality it weighs 1.5 tons.

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