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A VW Golf That Can Get 100 MPG?

Increasing fuel mileage is an important factor for all automakers these days. So it's no surprise that Volkswagen is set to launch a 100 miles per gallon Golf for 2020. Yes, 2020 is almost a decade away, but it will be come to fruition just in time for the implementation of new strict EU fuel economy regulations. Senior Volkswagen sources have stated that the greenest Golf will have an average CO2 rating of just 75 g/km.

The new Golf will be launched as part of the mk8 Golf line-up and will feature much of technology seen in the new XL1, with the exception of receiving a next-generation version of the two-cylinder hybrid powertrain. This combination of improved engine technology (blue-e motion) and new materials will allow the engine to have a higher power density while using less fuel. Sources also stated that the future Golf will also have to have some aerodynamic refinement as well as some weight reduction.

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