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A Widebody C8 Corvette Stingray Could Happen


The C8’s low price should leave buyers with plenty of cash to make modifications with.

Despite all the hard work that Chevrolet’s finest engineers put into developing the C8 Corvette, the most impressive stat about the car is still its price tag. Given how much performance the car offers for what will reportedly be less than $60,000, it’s hard to find a better performance deal anywhere else.

Buyers who forgo more expensive competitors like the Porsche 911 will find themselves with tens of thousands of spare dollars on hand, dollars they can put to work customizing their C8 Corvette Stingrays to their heart’s desire. And though tuning companies are undoubtedly at work building custom performance enhancements and body kits for what’s sure to be a slew of new Corvette customers (John Hennessey, after all, attended the C8’s reveal and could be seen plotting new upgrades before it even ended), the C8’s reveal also has rendering artists hard at work.

Most are penning designs for what will likely be future C8 models like the ZR1, but this design, brought to us by Instagram page Car Lifestyle, shows us what a C8 with a custom body kit could look like.

More specifically, this Vette has been given a widebody kit that makes the Stingray look more aggressive with its flared wheel arches, custom black wheels, and wider tires that put the power down more effectively. But that’s hardly the only difference with this C8. That’s because its rear bumper is completely different than the one that debuted on the production car. Instead of featuring four exhaust pipes, two on either end, this custom C8 has a custom exhaust kit that features two pipes positioned in the center.

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Those exhaust pipes echo the placement of the C7’s rear nostrils. By moving the exhaust inwards, this custom C8 now has room to expand the rear vents into the lower black portion of the rear bumper, which gives the car a much more aggressive look. The license plate has also moved down, opening up space for a new vent to be carved out of the space between each of the taillights.

Capping it all off is a blacked-out roof and darkly-colored side and front lips on the car, which do wonders in marking this ‘Vette look downright evil. If anything, this design should be an inspiration to all those aftermarket tuners looking to improve on Chevy’s design.