AAA Issues Warning Against Fully Trusting Collision Avoidance Systems After Study Finds Serious Flaws


Most of us weren't expecting perfection, but some people will always need reminding.

There is a reason why cars with collision avoidance systems still come with mirrors and windows, as the systems aren't quite good enough to serve as a substitute for a human brain yet. So some flaws are to be expected. But recent AAA findings suggest that the problem might be worse than you'd expect. Blind spot detection is especially iffy, with systems having a hard time detecting fast-moving vehicles and motorcycles.

Motorcycles are the biggest problem, with systems detecting them a full 26% later than other vehicle types, and this with motorcycles already being the hardest motor vehicles on the road to see. Lane departure warning systems also have some noticeable flaws, namely in places where lines are faded or in construction zones. The report didn't specify which brands or models of cars were more or less problematic, and we're probably meant to assume that this is an across-the-board kind of issue. As always, it's safest to think of these systems as just a backup to your own common sense.

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