Abarth 124 GT Revealed With Removable Carbon Fiber Roof


It’s the only roadster on the market to feature a hard top made of carbon fiber.

Fiat has announced a new Geneva-bound special edition version of the Abarth 124 Spider. Called the Abarth 124 GT, the new “adrenaline-packed special edition” is finished in a model-exclusive Alpi Orientali Grey livery and features a set of sporty 17-inch OZ alloys that are 6.6 pounds lighter than the standard wheels. The mirror caps, available in either carbon fiber or red, also sport a special gun metal color matching the front spoiler, and an optional carbon fiber rear spoiler is also available.

There's also an optional black hood available as a homage to the classic Abarth 124 Rally car, which adopted the matte black hood to shield the driver from the sun. Its party piece, however, is an optional hard top made of carbon fiber, making the Abarth 124 GT the only roadster on the market to have this feature. The carbon fiber hard top weighs just 35 pounds and improves the compactness and rigidity of the car. It’s lined on the inside and has a large rear window with a defroster. Like the soft top, the carbon fiber roof can be removed and refitted in just a few minutes whether you're in the mood for open-air thrills or grand-touring.

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Under the hood of the 124 GT is a four-cylinder 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo engine delivering 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque, enabling the sporty roadster to hit 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds. It’s available with a six-speed manual or an automatic six-speed sequential gearbox. Standard equipment includes a Record Monza exhaust with a dual mode system that produces a “satisfying, deep roar.” In addition, Fiat’s performance division will also be showing off the new Abarth 695 Rivale special edition. Featuring a retro-inspired appearance, the small convertible comes exclusively in a two-tone mix of Riva Sera Blue and Riva Shark Grey with aquamarine stripes along the side inspired by luxury yachts.

Rounding off the exterior flourishes is a satin-finished chrome trim. Inside, there's a blue leather upholstery and a mix of maple and mahogany wood trim, as well as a numbered plaque that buyers can even customize with the name of their yacht if they own one.