Abarth Employees Being Investigated For Parts Theft


Abarth has tracked the theft of one million euros worth of parts to their own doorstep.

There have been dumber criminals than these before, plenty of them, but the theft of €1 million worth of parts from Abarth's warehouse wasn't exactly pulled off by a group of rocket scientists. According to a report from Torino Repubblica, a group of ten Abarth employees are now under investigation for stealing specially optimized ECUs, which they would then turn around and sell online. The parts were popular, with each €1,500 unit going for the low price of €300.

Abarth discovered that the parts were missing when they started getting complaints from dealership that they weren't receiving the parts they had ordered. Someone then noticed that the photos taken by the online sellers of the ECUs were taken inside the Abarth warehouse. Police then posed as buyers and were able to confirm that the sellers were Abarth employees. Probably safe to assume that Abarth won't be losing any of its top engineering minds as a result of this.

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