Abflug Adds Some Size to Nissan GT-R

Why would the Japanese make Godzilla bigger? Don't they know what he is capable of?

Well if Mothra (or a new Porsche Turbo) happen to show up and challenge the Nissan, you can add another to that list. Abflug, the tuners from Japan, have just released their widebody kit for the Nissan GT-R and it looks big. Very big.

Their aero kit for the supercar looked great and performed its purpose well, however this just kind of creates a big hunk of… power. The kit features a front bumper with a huge mouth, Audi R8-ish ducting in the rear bumper, a high-mounted rear wing and wide blister fenders. Carbon variations are also available for order from Abflug. Check out the new-look Nissan GT-R by Abflug and let us know what you think about the bigger beast.

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