About Damn Time: New Scions Are Coming

But will they be enough to save Toyota's youth brand?

Not long ago we wrote wondering why and how Scion still managed to remain in business. Wouldn’t it be best for Toyota’s youth division to shut its doors, turn the FR-S into the Toyota GT86, and call it a day? Cars like the xB, xD, and tC simply aren’t competitive anymore. The iQ? Don’t even ask. Apparently Scion executives know this and now they’re out to do something about. According to a new report, the first of three new Scions will arrive in 2015.

Supposedly, none of these three will be a refresh of any of the current models (that tC facelift was so embarrassingly bad). Nor will Scion change course away from its youth segment focus into more of a luxury brand. But parent company Toyota still remains committed to Scion, and it’s not willing to let it die without a fight. Executives are remaining tight-lipped regarding any details about these new models. What we do know is that Scion, according to brand chief Dough Murtha, is "getting the investment we need." So here’s hoping that Scion will hit the jackpot this time around because having the FR-S as its only really relevant car is simply not good enough.

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