Absolute Pain Is Watching This Lamborghini Murcielago Being Hauled Away

And it was even up for sale.

It all started as a simple test drive between seller and potential buyer. The product in question? A Lamborghini Murcielago. The price? Over $300,000 Australian bucks. Not exactly a small investment. And now its value can only be determined by the price of scrap metal and spare Lambo parts. In case you haven’t figured this out by now, the Murcielago had an accident. Apparently while that test drive was taking place, the seller/driver managed to lose control, making direct contact with a tree.

Nobody was physically hurt, but someone’s pride is something different isn’t it? In any case, local Sydney police are working to determine the cause of the crash. The potential buyer? Yeah, so he's "no longer interested in the car." Imagine that. Content licenced from Diimex / Daniel Shaw

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