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ABT Brings Tuned Volkswagen Passat Diesel Wagon To Geneva

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It's mostly about the body kit, at least so far.

The current generation of the Volkswagen Passat hasn't been around all that long, so we still have yet to see many truly outrageous tuned examples. But we like the Passat, and particularly the wagon (sadly, but also predictably, not available in the US) for its ability to be surprising in the performance department. This is why we're excited that ABT, tuners of many things from the VW Group, have brought a tuned Passat Wagon to Geneva.

The car is wearing a new body kit, as well as a new set of wheels. There is also a new chin spoiler, grille trim, side skirts, mirror caps and a rear spoiler and diffuser. Poking through this is also a new exhaust system. We're told that tuning programs will be offered for a number of the car's power plants, but this one unfortunately has a pretty mild package. Thanks to an ECU reprogramming, the 2.0 TDI mill has been coaxed from 240 horsepower up to 280. We like the body kit, but we're hoping to hear more about some go-fast bits in the near future.

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