Abu Dhabi Throws Woman In Jail For Sharing Photo Of Handicap Spot Stealer


This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

Gearheads love the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because it's home to all types of incredible and rare cars. What we often forget is that the UAE has some backwards ass laws, such as the one that landed a woman in prison merely for sharing a photo of a car stealing two handicap spots. Jodi Magi, an Australian woman living in Abu Dhabi with her significant other, shared the photo on Facebook, blocking out the license plate, not swearing or using any names.

Despite those precautions Magi was still arrested and convicted of "writing bad words about a person." She offered to pay a $2,700 fine but was denied the chance to do so and thrown in jail instead. She spent 53 hours locked up before being released and deported (she had to pay a $3,600 fine as well), detailing the experience in full on her blog. Note: The photos here aren't what Magi uploaded. If you happen to be in the UAE you can browse through them at your own risk.

Source Credits: www.telegraph.co.uk

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