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AC Ace For Your Collection?

A 1955 AC ACE with a Ford-Zephyr engine is up for grabs at Bonhams’ auction.

If you're after a venerable sportscar for your car collection, then a 1955 AC Ace Roadster might fit the bill. One is now for sale at an auction on December 1st at Mercedes World, Weybridge, just a few minutes ride by train from London. This car, chassis number AE68, registration number SKT 100 has experienced a few adventures during it lifetime. As many of its other brethren ACE cars, it has a combined life as a road car along with a career in motorsport.

The engine has been replaced a few times, with the current one being a 2.6-liter overhead valve Ford-Zephyr with 155hp on triple SU carburetors and up to 170hp on triple Webers. The engine was rebuilt for the 2011 season and has already competed in five races. The new clutch has done one race since being installed in September. Photos courtesy of Bonhams.

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