AC Cobra GT Roadster Coming In 2023 With 654-HP V8

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And you can choose between a manual or an auto.

AC Cars, the creator of the original sports car that became the legendary Cobra, is reinventing its icon for 2023. Britain's oldest active vehicle manufacturer revealed dark teaser images and initial details for its new AC Cobra GT roadster, which is scheduled to be unveiled in spring 2023 as part of the company's 122nd-anniversary celebrations. The automaker says that the new creation will integrate the profile of the original sports car but will also deliver "a revolution in design for the 61-year-old model." But unlike the original, which doesn't hold up well as a daily driver, this new version is designed to be a great grand tourer, "combining speed, agility and balance with comfort and practicality."

AC Cars

The Cobra GT roadster will incorporate an extruded aluminum spaceframe chassis specifically developed for the car by Icona Design Group and Cecomp Spa in Italy, while a carbon composite body guarantees that weight will be kept to a minimum. In fact, the Cobra GT is expected to weigh less than 3,300 pounds.

AC Cars has not revealed where the powertrain for this will come from, but we suspect it could be the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 from the Ford Mustang GT, as AC is promising a V8 engine that can be paired with your choice of a six-speed manual gearbox or a 10-speed automatic transmission. In terms of power, there's plenty of it - 654 horsepower, to be precise, with 575 lb-ft of torque. As a result, 0-60 mph will take approximately 3.6 seconds.

AC Cars

AC has also revealed that the wheelbase will measure 2,570 millimeters, or a smidge over 101.1 inches, making it longer than that of the original, which measured 90 inches. That should mean that the new-age Cobra will be easier to control, while the inclusion of features such as air conditioning, electric windows, and a media system will make this a more enjoyable sports car to live with. A removable hardtop will also be optional. The marque has not revealed how many of these hand-finished roadsters will be built, only that production will be limited and that each example will be commissioned to clients' tastes with a range of options "inspired by the brand's heritage" and a bespoke service for maximum customization.

Pricing and full specifications will be revealed at the unveiling but based on what third-party Cobra tributes can sell for, not to mention how widely adored the original is, we doubt that this will be a viable alternative to your Camry.

AC Cars

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