AC Schnitzer BMW i4 Police Car Shows That Legal Modifications Can Still Be Cool

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The tuner has teamed up with Hankook and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Germany to highlight that legal tuning upgrades can still make an impact.

German tuning company AC Schnitzer has revealed its latest project, a BMW i4 police car. But why is an all-electric police car being used to showcase vehicle modifications? Well, it's part of the "Tune It! Safe!" campaign, which aims to show that one need not fit illegal modifications to their car to personalize it; there are more than enough legal upgrades one can make.

The campaign is financed exclusively by sponsors and follows AC Schnitzer's first tuned EV, completed 12 years ago. This was an electric Mini police car that was upgraded as part of the same initiative.

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Germany supports the campaign, with Hankook on board to sponsor the rubber.

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

This is AC Schnitzer's eighth time participating in the campaign, which is excellent for increasing brand awareness.

Naturally, the all-electric cop car you see here has been treated to the entire catalog of parts available for the i4, which includes an aerodynamic package made up of add-ons to the front spoiler, a new front splitter, canards, side skirt extensions, a rear roof spoiler, a carbon fiber rear trunk spoiler, and rear side wings placed just above the taillights.

The car also features protection film on the rear skirts, presumably to allow the cops to perform AWD donuts without getting melted rubber all over the body (kidding). A comprehensive decal pack completes the look.

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

No tuning package is complete without some altitude adjustment, so a set of lowering springs has been installed, dropping the car by roughly 20 millimeters in front and 25 mm at the rear. With lowered suspension must come new wheels, so 20-inch AC4 flow-formed wheels in a bi-color silver/black finish are fitted and wrapped in Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 tires.

The interior has been looked at, too, with aluminum pedals, an aluminum footrest, and an aluminum cover for the iDrive controller. An aluminum keyholder has also been added to the cabin.

For all those who have received a ticket for their cars being too low, too loud, or too cambered, the completed i4 probably looks very tame, but we think it looks great and hope that tasteful modifications become the order of the day everywhere.

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

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