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AC Schnitzer BMW M5 Sets Sachsenring Lap Record

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1:31.71 is four seconds faster than any sedan has ever gone round the track.

When it comes to setting lap records, most tend to focus on the Nürburgring. But that's not the only track in the world. And it's not the only track in Germany. Known as one of the foremost tuners of BMWs, AC Schnitzer brought the M5 it's been working on to the Sachsenring, way on the other side of the country, and wasted little time before breaking the lap record for four-door sedans. Touring-car racer Jörg Müller hustled the lightly modified super-sedan around the 2.3-mile circuit in 1:31.71.

That's four seconds quicker, according to the tuner, than any four-door sedan has ever lapped the track before. And it's not about to call it quits there. While the M5 it took the track was fitted with a fiberglass aero kit, AC Schnitzer is working on a carbon-fiber version that'll be even lighter.

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It has a full range of wheels on offer, ranging up to 21 inches in diameter. And it has some engine mods in the works that'll boost output from 600 horsepower up to 700. A great car: really fast, super sporty, yet comfortable and absolutely suitable for everyday use! The M5 by AC Schnitzer really has everything I could wish for in a car," said Müller. "And this one looks good, too." He knows a thing or two about fast BMWs, having won the GT-class title in the American Le Mans Series behind the wheel of an M3 GTR, along with more race wins with the 320i in the European and World Touring Car Championships (to say nothing of the various formula titles he accrued earlier in his career).