AC Schnitzer RAPTOR: Fastest MINI in the World?

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Given it matched the Pagani Zonda F around Hockehnheim, there's every chance.

German BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has created one hell of a fast MINI that has just posted a lightning quick lap time at the world famous Hockenheim circuit.

Based on the MINI JCW Coupe, the AC Schnitzer Raptor recorded a fastest lap time of 1m10.87s, which is 1.11 seconds quicker than last year's fastest MINI - another creation of AC Schnitzer dubbed the Eagle. The Raptor's lap time is in the realms of that posted by the Pagani Zonda F and betters that of a Ferrari 599 GTB and Porsche 911 GTS.

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A host of upgrades transformed the JCW Coupe into a track demon. Engine power was increased from 208hp and 192lb-ft to 300hp and 251lb-ft of torque by adding a turbo and intercooler, an engine management system, and a stainless-steel exhaust system with racing catalyst. Other enhancements include a limited slip differential, lightweight ion battery, sport clutch, sports steering wheel and 'Short Shift' Racing transmission. Next came a height-adjustable racing suspension with antiroll bars and for improved aerodynamics a glut of carbon-fiber components were added, including a new hood, boot, rear diffuser, sports wings, and doors.

Finally it was given a new matt 'Racing Silver' body color and fitted with 18-inch Mi2 BiColor alloys. Inside AC Schnitzer added a roll cage, carbon racing bucket seats with Raptor logo, and aluminum pedals. The tuning firm developed the Raptor concept as a technology platform and has priced it at 62,000 Euros.

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