AC Schnitzer Reveals BMW 4 Series Program

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New coupe is boosted to 360 hp and comes with a range of alloys.

We've seen that Alpina is working on the new BMW 4 Series, but BMW tuning specialist AC Schnitzer appears to be the first to introduce an aftermarket program for the brand-new Coupe. Performance upgrades see the BMW 428i boosted from 245 to 294 hp, the 435i from 306 to 360 hp, and the 420d from 184 to 218 hp. At the back, AC Schnitzer has fitted a sports rear silencer with with chrome 'Racing' tailpipes, while a height-adjustable racing suspension and spring kit lowers the 4er by up to 25 mm.

Two-tone, black and silver alloys ranging from 18 to 20 inches in size are on offer and the interior benefits from a range of goodies including a new steering wheel, aluminum handbrake, aluminum iDrive cover, new gear shifter with digital display, and aluminum pedal set. All the parts are available to order now and are available individually or as a complete package.

Ac Schnitzer
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