AC Schnitzer-Tuned BMW i4 Is All About Style And Handling

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Unfortunately, there's nothing AC Schnitzer can do about the power.

AC Schnitzer recently unveiled its new upgrade program for the BMW i4, highlighting a potential problem once the entire automotive industry goes electric. Apart from wiring a 24-pack of long-life Energizer AAs into the existing battery pack (just $19.98 at Walmart), there's not much you can do to improve an EVs performance.

Theoretically, you can fettle with the ECU so it doesn't limit the torque output, but that's about it. And that's why the AC Schnitzer accessories for the new i4 are limited to suspension, wheel, interior, and aerodynamic upgrades.

It's pretty odd to see the famed tuner of both BMW and Mini products introduce a new selection of parts with zero impact on the engine output. You can see the result of this upgrade package in the video below.

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer has done exclusively visual upgrade packages before, and this isn't its first attempt at making an EV more exciting.

Not that the i4 M50 needs more power. It has a dual-motor setup that produces 536 horsepower and 586 lb-ft, which is easily more than an M4, but not quite as much as BMW M's new quad-motor setup coming soon. Thanks to an eAWD system, it can get to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. For most people, that's a perfectly adequate rate at which to hurl themselves and 5,000 pounds of four-door coupe at the horizon.

Instead, AC Schnitzer aims to make the i4 look and handle better. The spring kits lower the car between 0.8-1 inch. According to AC Schnitzer, this will "ensure even greater agility and precision in handling due to the lower vehicle center of gravity."

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

To zhuzh up the design, AC Schnitzer offers its usual array of 20-inch AC4 Flow Forming wheels. These are available in BiColor, Silver/Black, or Black. The 19/20-inch AC1 is available in BiColor, Silver/Anthracite, or Anthracite. If you're in the market for something cheaper, you can opt for the black anodized aluminum wheel spacers, which increase the stance by pushing the wheels 0.4 inches further out.

Aerodynamic enhancements include a replacement front splitter, more aggressive front side wings, a subtle roof spoiler, carbon fiber rear side wings, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. Also available are AC Schnitzer stickers, rear skirt protection film, and a sharper set of Wolverine-like claws for the aerodynamic feature aft of the front wheels.

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

Interior enhancements include aluminum pedals and an aluminum footrest. AC Schnitzer also designed a beautiful though admittedly elaborate keyholder for the i4, and you can even order an aluminum cover for the iDrive rotary dial.

The various parts' pricing is not live on the website yet, and AC Schnitzer is asking that customers make contact with their nearest distributor.

We wouldn't bother with these upgrades, however. The best i4 is the latest, lower-output eDrive35, unveiled in early August. It retails for just over $50,000 and gets to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds.

AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer

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