AC Schnitzer Unleashes Stunning Carbon-Fiber BMW i8

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The exterior paint has the perfect name, too.

Set to make its live debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week is German aftermarket tuner AC Schnitzer's latest creation, a BMW i8 fully decked out in carbon aerodynamic components. Nothing was altered under the hood, which we think is just fine as is, but adding all of that carbon to the exterior makes quite the cosmetic difference. Where to begin? For starters, this i8 is 25 mm lower up front and 20 mm at the rear, making it much closer to the ground that, according to the tuner, ensures "greater stability in all cornering situations."

All of those carbon bits can be found with the new front spoiler, side skirts and rear wing. There's also a carbon fiber middle front spoiler and hood, which also includes a carbon middle strut. Also note the cool carbon front side wings, which really give this i8 a more track-like look. We dig it.

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Out back there's a three-piece carbon diffuser, providing improved pressure distribution and even greater downforce. Look closer and you'll also find carbon door handle recesses and mirror covers. Heck, there's even a restyled BMW twin kidney grille. We're told the show car is the very one shown in these photos, which is painted Inferno Red Chrome. The interior receives a few upgrades, such as an aluminum pedal set and footrest, as well as unique floor mats. Lastly, AC Schnitzer has even made its own lightweight forged alloy wheels specifically for this car.

Compared to the stock BMW wheels, these save 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs) in weight. No word yet on pricing for the kit, but we imagine if you can afford a $136,000 or so BMW i8, something like this is just a drop in the bucket.

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