Acceleration Faceoff: BMW M235i VS 435i

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Shared engine makes these brothers a perfect test for how much size and power really matter.

The BMW 2-Series and 4-Series have a lot in common – they are both recent 2-door models from the Bavarian automaker, sharing many exterior and interior design features, mechanical underpinnings and most importantly, the same inline-six, 3.0-liter turbocharged engine. They also share the same transmission, and have a base price within $3,000 from each other. The 2er is rated at 322 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque, while the 4er gets 300hp and 295 lb-ft.

But when it comes to actual acceleration, will the smaller, lighter and more powerful M235i really prove itself against its bigger brother? Check out the video for the full comparison:


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