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Accord Coupe Leads the Pack

In comparison to its most direct rivals, the Honda Accord coupe continues to outclass them all. With aggressive styling (especially when compared to the sedan), the Accord makes a strong statement anywhere it's driven. The standard four-cylinder engine is fairly powerful, but if you have the means, the V6 is a truly wonderful engine upgrade. Honda specializes in this class of cars and the attention to detail shows.

Everything is so well put together, from the engine mated to the optional six-speed manual transmission, a sport-tuned suspension, to the 18 inch alloy wheels, the coupe truly feels like a fantastic everyday sports car. Its closest rivals, mainly the Nissan Altima coupe, Hyundai Genesis coupe, and even the Ford Mustang, don't quite have the solid feeling the Accord coupe confidently provides drivers and passengers alike.

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