According to Porsche, it’s Possible: a 911 Hybrid


Don't be surprised if a 911 Hybrid makes its way to showrooms within the next few years.

According to a post coming from Motor Authority, a Porsche manager who's also a board member stated during a roundtable discussion at the Geneva Motor Show that it's possible the automaker will eventually build a 911 hybrid. This manager reportedly stated that "If the environmental agencies ask us to change our sports cars in terms of powertrains, then we will do it." However, he was not referring to a potential down-sizing of 911 engines.

In other words, four-cylinders won't be finding their way into the iconic model anytime soon, if ever. However, that's not the case for the Boxster and Cayman, as Porsche is very much developing a four-pot for those models that will be launched in the very near future. Fortunately, Porsche also sees a lot of improvement that can be done in terms of efficiency for internal combustion engines thanks to various weight-reduction techniques and other advancements. So the question remains: is a 911 hybrid coming soon?

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Nothing is official yet, however, the new 911 is longer than the previous 997 generation and word is that this was partially done in order to accommodate a potential electric motor. And remember, Porsche is currently developing their upcoming 918 Spyder hybrid. We'll leave it at that.