According To These Guys, The Chosen JLTV Humvee Replacement Is Really Bad


Behind the scenes of defense contractors arguing.

Late last month, the US government announced it was awarding a $6.7 billion contract to Wisconsin-based Oshkosh to build the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) as the replacement to the aging Humvee. The JLTV is quite a thing, but it had competition from Lockheed and AM General that ultimately lost out. And Lockheed is pissed. So pissed in fact that it has just lodged an official protest with the US Army over the decision.

"Lockheed Martin does not take protests lightly, but we are protesting to address our concerns regarding the evaluation of Lockheed Martin's offer," stated the official release. Furthermore, the contractor "firmly believe(s) (it) offered the most capable and affordable solution for the program." Makes sense for Lockheed to protest, considering it'd be losing out on up to around $30 billion, taking into account the vehicle's entire lifespan. Republican Senator John Boozman of Arkansas, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and, coincidently or not, whose state would have manufactured the JLTV had Lockheed won the contract, stated the following:

"I believe Lockheed Martin has valid concerns over the JLTV contract award and under such circumstances, it is appropriate to file a protest and seek an independent review of the contract award…I look forward to the results."

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