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How many build slots have already been sold?

Last year at Geneva, Christian von Koenigsegg told us the Agera RS successor will be revealed at the 2019 show, meaning we're now only three months away from that debut. That's the cool part. The not so cool part comes from The Supercar Blog, citing the Swedish language

Like any Koenigsegg, production will be quite limited, but now we have an unverified number that sounds about right: 125 examples. That's it. On top of that, Koenigsegg has already received 72 orders with deposits. Pricing has yet to be announced as well, but all Koenigseggs cost over $1 million a pop.

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Details are also limited regarding output, though a twin-turbo V8 engine is rumored that can rev to 9,000 rpm and has an output of around 1,440 hp. Equally important, it'll weigh less than the Agera which means it'll very likely be able to exceed the Agera RS's record-setting top speed. The folks over at Hennessey Performance in Texas should be paying attention here because the also upcoming Venom F5 will reportedly attempt to break the Agera RS's record. But what will the Agera successor be called? There was a previous rumor suggesting the name Ragnarok, but that has since been shot down. The Swedish daily claims von Koenigsegg has opted to go with a different name.

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And since Koenigsegg is not your typical car company, production on the Agera successor won't begin immediately following its Swiss debut. Production will get underway sometime in the next two years with each example being built to order. For now, just over half the supposed planned production run is still available, but we highly doubt that'll be the case post-Geneva. Once the world and the ultra-exclusive and small group of hypercar buyers see this latest and ridiculously fast Swedish wonder, chances are the remaining build slots will go fast.

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