Acura Already Planning A More Hardcore NSX Type R

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Well that certainly didn't take long.

Only now is the 2015 Detroit Auto Show opening its doors to the public after two media days, and already we're hearing that Acura is planning a more hardcore NSX. It's basically going to receive the Type R treatment. The new NSX's chief engineer confirmed this at Detroit and really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. For those who recall, an R version of the original NSX came out two years after the initial debut. To cut back on some poundage, Acura removed the air conditioning and stereo and added forged alloy wheels.

So what will Acura do this time around for the more potent second-gen NSX Type R? Too early to know, but it's fair to speculate that various carbon-fiber components will play a significant role. Additional power will likely be found from the twin-turbocharged V6-three electric motor combo. But in today's world the A/C and stereo will likely remain.

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