Acura Claims New TLX Sedan Saving Company From Death

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Has Honda's luxury brand finally figured out how to survive?

It replaced two solid, but outdated premium sedans: the TL and TSX, and now the all-new TLX is so far proving to be the life saver Acura desperately needed it to be. This past October, Acura sold 4,890 units of the TLX, thus becoming the number two best-seller in the lineup. Number one remains the MDX crossover. But because of those solid TLX numbers, Acura's total October sales were up by 26 percent from September – and the TLX only arrived in showrooms last August.

"The TLX is going to be a core product for us," stated Acura general manager Mike Accavitti. "Whether it's one or two (in the lineup) remains to be seen." The TLX is proving to be an overall winner because last month's TLX sales actually exceeded the combined sales of the TL and TSX in October 2013 by nearly 25 percent. In fact, some Acura dealers are reporting they've attracted new customers to the showrooms – people who previously drove BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus and Infiniti. Do you think Jerry Seinfeld will be taking any of the credit?

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