Acura Doesn't Need Silly Names To Sell EVs

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Instead, it will stick with what works.

Acura's electric future is still very much up in the air. While the Japanese automaker has an EV coming in 2024, we still know next to nothing about it other than there will be a Honda version called the Prologue, and it will use GM's Ultium batteries. Wards Auto attempted to dig a bit deeper into Acura's electrification strategy, asking company Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda some questions about what future EVs could be called.

"Do you have [to] name it an 'e' thing or an 'i' thing? If everyone does that, everyone's car [is] going to be named the same," Ikeda responded when asked about special names for EVs. "Why 'i?' It's just word association for consumers to think it's innovative or futuristic."

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Ikeda has a point here, and we agree that an EV can use a conventional car name and still garner brand recognition. Unfortunately, we still don't know what Acura's EV will be called. Acura recently trademarked the name "ADX," which fits with the company's other products but does little stand out as electric. Perhaps Acura could dip back into its history to grab a name like Legend.

Ikeda was also asked about plans for a smaller entry-level SUV to sit below the Acura RDX. The 2024 Acura ADX could be the company's first EV, or potentially a smaller gasoline-powered crossover. Acura already offers a smaller SUV model in China called the CDX, though we doubt it will arrive stateside.

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"Our 100% focus is on launching Integra," Ikeda said. "Then we'll see where we can go. We have to look at what's happening. There may be other variations. [The Integra is] one of these vehicles that are fighting the fight against CUVs. It has the capability of carrying/doing things. We want to buck the trend with this car." For now at least, Acura is fine without selling a subcompact SUV, using the Integra as an entry point into the brand.

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