Acura Has A New Concept Coming To Detroit That Hopefully Won't Be Boring

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A preview of a reborn Legend?

For the longest time it seemed as if Acura had lost its way. Gone were the days of the original Legend and NSX. Perhaps the 1990s were the Japanese luxury brand's best years because by the mid-2000s things sort of fizzled. Hot little coupes like the Integra and the RSX had also been discontinued and the Legend was replaced by the RL, which later became the RLX. Both were bland. However, Acura is now out to repair its image as a performance brand, as evidenced by the all-new NSX.

And now it has just released this teaser of its upcoming Precision Concept, set to debut at Detroit next month. Acura claims this concept "will signal the stronger and sharper focus of (its) styling on our core DNA we call 'precision crafted performance.'" Its intention is to serve "as the inspiration for the styling and proportion of the next-generation of Acura vehicles, especially our sedans," the press release states. Acura has been doing good things lately, as evidenced by the facelifted ILX and TLX, but we think it can do better. Hopefully the Precision Concept will prove us right.

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