Acura Hasn't Closed The Book On The NSX Just Yet

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Another generation of the Japanese supercar will be coming.

For those of us who are true connoisseurs of car culture, the Acura NSX was not a disappointment when it arrived. Unlike the original, it didn't send its power to just one axle, but like the original, it was the greatest combination of all Honda and Acura's know-how in making a car go fast and handle brilliantly. Sadly, not all markets are packed to the brim with buyers who understand the appeal of the NSX. As a result, we feared that the NSX may soon be dead as the recently-unveiled Type S will be the last model sold for the second-generation NSX. But the good news we have for you today is that the Type S will not be the end of the NSX legacy.

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Speaking with MotorTrend, Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda was asked if there would be another NSX in the future, to which he replied: "[T]here will be a next one, at some point, I am sure … There will be another one." There will be a hiatus though, and the NSX's future replacement will likely be all-electric. But with so few markets appreciating a vehicle that cost an extraordinary amount of money to develop and then refine in Type S guise, what's the point? How does Acura benefit?

Ikeda explains that Acura "didn't go into it [the NSX] to make a lot of money". Acura knew how long it would keep the NSX around for and used it to focus its direction as a company, learning a lot about electrification that is fun to drive in the process.

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In the end, the NSX was created to further Honda's insight into electric drivetrains and as a sort of testbed to figure out how to make such a vehicle engaging and fun. The additional benefit of having a halo car on the market cannot be underestimated either - just look at the Lexus brand and how it references the long-dead LFA to remind buyers how exciting the brand can be.

Acura has been trying to make the Type S brand more popular with recent releases like the MDX and TLX, and the NSX getting the same badge shows people how that moniker stands for excitement. Ikeda continues: "We didn't want to let the NSX die on the vine either. To go quietly into the night is not what it deserves." So while we don't know when the next NSX will come, we do know that it will be fantastic and will again push the boundaries of Acura's expertise. In the meantime, expect more Type S vehicles to pop up while the next NSX is being developed, including a Type S-badged version of the upcoming Acura Integra.

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