Acura Integra Type S Confirmed With Honda Civic Type R Engine And A Manual Gearbox

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The all-new Integra Type S will be way hotter than a Civic Si and almost as fiery as a Type R.

In August last year, CarBuzz exclusively confirmed that a hotter Type S version of the Acura Integra was in the works, and now the Japanese automaker has come clean, providing us with our first look at the car. What's more, Acura has revealed what sort of engine will power it and how much power it will produce.

While the regular Integra makes use of the Honda Civic Si's 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 200 horsepower, Acura has revealed that the Type S version will be making use of a high-revving 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine "producing over 300 hp." Better yet, this will be paired exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission with a limited-slip differential. Excited yet? We are.

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The Civic Type R is claimed to produce 315 hp, so whether Acura will mimic that remains to be seen. As the more premium brand, we can imagine the furor that will result from the Integra Type S having less power than the Type R, so we expect that potential 15-pony deficit to be reduced by the time the production car is revealed.

If that is somehow disappointing, fear not: dyno runs have already proven that Honda has been very modest about the power output of the Civic Type R, and we suspect things will be similar for the Integra Type S.

But the Type S may yet be slower than the Type R, owing to its slightly more luxury-focused brand image, which will probably result in a little more weight as was the case between the Civic Si and the regular Integra models.

Acura Acura Acura

Unfortunately, that's all we know about the car itself for now, but the images here, with a pre-production model covered in camouflage, confirm that we can expect some slightly more aggressive bodywork, stylish wheels with red-painted brake calipers behind them, and a beefy rear diffuser element with a triple-exit exhaust a-la Ferrari F40 and Civic Type R therein. Crucially, the Integra Type S won't have the giant wing of the Type R - at least not standard; accessories may cater to those who want one - making this a more grown-up hot hatch than the Honda.

We can't see inside, but it's not unreasonable to assume a red interior will feature as is customary.

Acura will reveal more details closer to the launch of the sporty new Integra, which Acura is expecting to hold in the summer. We can't wait.

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