Acura Is Doing Two Awesome Things For Pikes Peak This Year

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One of which is making the new NSX the pace car.

The all-new Acura NSX has just been announced as the pace car for the 2016 running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The hybrid sports car will get to flex its muscles as it roars up the course which is 12.4 miles and features 156 turns. It will be driven by Sage Marie, the senior manager of Honda America's pr unit. Marie isn't a corporate stooge, though. He's actually a professional driver who has competed in Pikes Peak before. This means the run up should be anything but restrained. Hopefully.


The second bit of awesome news is that Acura will be fitting the NSX with 24 cameras to create a 360-degree video of the hill climb. Said video will then be posted to the company's social media accounts. We'll stay on top of Acura and bring that video to you when we get it. For now, enjoy the NSX's new livery.

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