Acura Just Restored Ludacris' Legend To Its Former Glory

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And he couldn't be happier.

The Acura Legend, which has been out of production since 1995, was a heck of a car in its heyday. The full-size luxury sedan was a favorite of Acura fans for offering a combination of luxury and sophistication in a reasonably affordable package. To this very day the car still has many avid enthusiasts and one of those just so happens to be hip hop artist Ludacris. In mid-October we detailed the rapper's love for the 1993 Acura Legend, which he drove before he was famous until it got in an accident with 280,000 miles on the odometer.

Not to worry though, because Acura insisted on restoring the rapper's beloved Legend to its once former glory and then put the car on display at this year's SEMA show alongside the 2016 ILX. Here's an awesome video of the restoration process that Acura applied to the Legend, as well as a clip of what happened when the car was revealed to Ludacris.

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