Acura NSX Discontinued In Australia For Obvious Reason

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Look no further than the sales numbers.

The Acura NSX, sold as a Honda in overseas markets, isn't going anywhere here in America. Acura has made this point very clear to us more than once. As the Japanese luxury brand's halo car, the NSX may be about of financial reach for most but it still lures customers into showrooms where far less expensive and more family-friendly vehicles await them. The Acura RDX and MDX SUVs are just two such examples, and the all-new TLX sedan is on its way.

Unfortunately, the NSX hasn't been enjoying that same lure elsewhere. CarExpert has learned and confirmed with Honda that the NSX is being dropped from the Australian market lineup. The dismal sales figures speak for themselves.

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Since the NSX went on sale Down Under in 2016, only nine examples have been sold. None have been sold this year so far, despite some a series of updates last year.

"The NSX model information was taken down from the website a few weeks ago, as it's no longer possible to place a new order for NSX," said a spokesperson from, said a spokesperson from Honda Australia.

But it turns out there's another reason why the NSX is being dropped. "These changes - and others that will come into effect as we continue the transition over the next six to nine months - were foreshadowed in the announcements we made back in March around restructuring our automotive business model, transforming local sales, customer service and dealer network, as well as rationalizing the model line-up."

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It's also important to mention another major factor that never worked in the NSX's favor. In Australia, it carries a base price of $420,000, or about $300,000 USD. To compare, a 2020 NSX begins at a far more reasonable though still not cheap $157,500.

Although it is sad to see the NSX given the axe in any market, it's important to remember it never garnered much interest in Australia. If it did, those sales figures would have been far healthier, despite the high price tag.

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Source Credits: CarExpert

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