Acura NSX Dream Project Is A 610-HP Beauty

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The Japanese supercar now produces 610-hp and has been fitted with sensors that raise the front when speed bumps are detected.

The second-generation Acura NSX is already a striking-looking supercar, but the automaker has spiced it up with the "Dream Project" NSX which is making its debut this week at SEMA. Acura teamed up with tuning firm ScienceofSpeed to create the custom NSX featuring an aerodynamic body kit inspired by the NSX GT3 racecar. Among the exterior enhancements include aggressive front strakes, wider carbon fiber ducted rocker panels, a rear wing and a larger rear diffuser.

According to Acura, these enhancements help "improve downforce while retaining factory design elements." Other visual highlights include large Carbon Ceramic Brembo brakes with a gold flake finish and a gloss black roof that pays homage to the first-generation NSX. To give the supercar a more aggressive stance, the tuner has lowered the ride height and fitted wider Advan GT forged wheels. Do not despair however, because ScienceofSpeed has added iLift sensors that automatically raise the front axle by two-inches when obstacles like driveways and speed bumps are detected. High-performance downpipes and a lightweight stainless-steel exhaust also give the car a deeper engine note.

Liquid injected intercooling further improves performance by cooling intake air before it enters the twin-turbochargers. As a result, power output has been increased to 610 horsepower and 507 lb-ft of torque. Inside, the interior features custom black leather Recaro Pole Position racing seats with blue stitching and accents and seats. A gaugeART OLED multi-function display has also been added to the dash providing the driver with essential performance data.

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