Acura NSX Runs Face-First Into A Jeep Wrangler At A Dealership

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Next time, pick on someone your own size. Or better still, rather embrace peace.

A combination of a wet road, a flighty mid-engined sports car, and too much boot on the accelerator pedal recently led to a rather unfortunate incident at a Chrysler-Dodge dealership. Well, the Jeep Wrangler probably didn't feel a thing, but the poor Acura NSX certainly showed plenty of evidence of its unfortunate altercation.

CCTV camera footage, visible in the second slide of the Instagram post below, shows an Acura NSX - likely a 2019 model due to its Thermal Orange paint - turning sideways on a straight, wet road, before snapping into an unplanned left turn. The NSX then slid into the adjacent dealership's parking lot and came to an abrupt stop after picking a fight with an innocent Jeep Wrangler that was just chilling there, minding its own business.


The Acura connected with the Jeep's right front corner, and there are no obvious signs of major damage to the Wrangler, except for a likely bumper scrape. The NSX certainly scored some impressive battle scars. The front hood panel is mangled beyond recognition, the front fascia and headlights are squashed, and the fenders both appear to have sustained some damage.

Fortunately, the impact speed seems to have been quite low, and, after a closer look, shows that the NSX's central cell probably wasn't harmed. The images aren't very clear, but we don't notice any cracks or other damage to the windshield, so the possibility of serious structural damage should be slim.


While the Acura NSX is known for generally benign handling characteristics, it is still a mid-engined supercar, and it demands respect from its driver - especially on a wet road with the stability control (probably) switched off. It also won't respond well to a ham-fisted or inexperienced driver. As for the Jeep, it's probably trundled off into the sunset by now, none the worse for wear.

Little more than 2,800 second-gen NSXs have been produced globally, of which 1,814 were sold within the United States, meaning the expensive damage and potential loss here would mean one fewer of an already rare super sports car. It's just as well, then, that it wasn't an NSX Type S, of which only 350 will be built for global consumption, 300 of those residing in the US.


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