Acura NSX To Offer Customization Options To Rival European Competitors

Or at the very least, more than Acura has ever offered before.

It is becoming increasingly clear that a large percentage of high-end car buyers like having a huge variety of options for personalizing their cars. But so far this has been a largely European thing, primarily because the majority of incredibly expensive brands are European. But with Acura intending to compete with European supercars with its new NSX, it seems the Japanese brand is looking to get into the personalization game as well.

What this program will include isn't all that clear just yet. In an interview with Edmunds, Acura VP and general manager Mike Accavitti gave only a few details. He did mention that customers could opt for carbon fiber in place of aluminum in the construction of the car, and also that there would be a number of racing parts offered from the factory. This isn't quite the same thing as the Aston Martin Q program or Ferrari's Tailor Made, but it's also very possible that we'll be seeing a more extensive and varied list of things once the car actually hits dealerships sometime later this year.

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