Acura NSX Vs. BMW M4: The 700-HP Drag Race Battle

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A surprising matchup makes for a surprising end.

You may recognize the name Hoonigan thanks to the epic gymkhana stunts performed by Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

But Hoonigan does so much more than videos of cars sliding all over the place. It took a mostly forgotten Scooby mommy wagon and turned it into the kind of car that will leave the uninitiated calling out for their mommies. And let's not forget about the infamous Hoonipigasus, which didn't quite work out, but we'll gloss over that.

In their spare time, the Hoonigan team hosts a series of YouTube videos called This VS That. The latest episode pits a lightly modified Acura NSX against a heavily modded BMW M4.

Both cars are surprisingly modest on the outside, hiding the insane performance potential provided by their respective modifications.


The NSX is equipped with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 and a trio of electric motors. One motor fills the torque gaps in the mid-mounted combustion engine, while the remaining two power the front axle. According to the owner, he simply flashed the ECU, which resulted in a 100 horsepower gain. That means 673 hp as opposed to the stock 573 hp, which makes it more powerful than the fastest NSX ever made by Acura.

We're no strangers to tuned BMW M4s. This one runs a 6870 Precision single turbo bolted to BMW's famous S55 3.0-liter straight-six engine that's been reworked from top to bottom. While it might look modest, the owner claims it posts 700 hp on the dyno.

The owner of the Bimmer starts making excuses quite early. Apparently, the car was only finished a few days before this race, and he had never raced it before.

Who comes out on top?


The video kicks off with a drag race from a standing start. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the NSX walks all over the M4, thanks to its eAWD system.

With the speed set at 40 mph, the BMW took a slight lead and then steamed away down the runway. For the third race, the pace was set at 30 mph. Surprisingly, it took a while for the M4 to hook up, leading to the NSX pulling away. The BMW reeled it in, however, capturing another victory.

A 1,000-foot drag race was set up for the finale so the NSX could stretch its supercar legs. Unfortunately, the NSX went into limp mode, and the BMW scored another win.

The BMW wins by a majority, thanks to a quality build. We thought a 700-hp M4 would be too unruly, but this particular car does a stellar job of putting its power down without pulling silly sideways antics.

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