Acura Offering Massive Discount On NSX Right Now

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It was being kept a secret. Until now.

If you want to buy a new Acura NSX you'll need at least $160,000 in funds available. Considering the competition, that's actually not a half bad price tag. But according to a discovery made by Motor Trend, Acura is now offering a $20,000 discount starting now until March 31, 2020. Yep, you read that right. This deal is good for 10 months. What's interesting, however, is that Acura is not advertising this on its official website. That's a bit unusual considering $20k off is a pretty big deal.

One of the key reasons why the NSX is being discounted is likely due to slow sales. Only 170 examples were sold last year, which was down from 581 in 2017. The second-gen NSX's first model year, 2016, found 269 buyers. The NSX also received several welcomed updates for model year 2018 so it's surprising to see its sales figures take a dive.


Obviously, Acura wasn't too pleased. So far this year, 102 units have been sold, compared to 72 at this time in 2018. It appears the $20k incentive is working since it quietly went into effect in the middle of March. Motor Trend also notes the $20k incentive is currently the highest-known in the industry right now. The next closest deal on a high-priced vehicle is $9,000 in consumer cash on the Jaguar XJ.

Unfortunately, similar information for supercar companies is not available because these brands, like Ferrari and Lamborghini, typically keep any discounts (which are rare) hush-hush.


Acura has confirmed this discount is only for the 2019 NSX, "of which there are just a handful of US allocations remaining before we shift focus to (model year 2020)," said an Acura spokesperson. "The incentive provides an enticement to those buyers considering one of the final few build-to-order slots." Hopefully, Acura's wager will translate to improved NSX sales.

Acura previously told us the NSX isn't going anywhere because it serves well as a halo model, but sometimes poor sales can dictate otherwise.

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