Acura Precision Cockpit Reveals The Digital Interior Of The Future

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Company claims dashboard concept will enter future production models, starting with refreshed NSX.

Acura has revealed how it plans to reinvent the interiors of its models with the Acura Precision Cockpit displayed at the LA Auto Show this week. Combined with the Acura Precision Concept unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January, we now have a concrete idea of the future design language of the Japanese marque. Inspired by the Acura NSX, the dashboard concept replaces traditional gauges with a 12.3-inch digital display that changes colors and animations based on the driving mode and the driver's mood.

A prominent central infotainment screen is controlled via a curved touchpad placed in between the seats that Acura says "goes beyond traditional approaches." Like an actual touchscreen, wherever on the pad the user touches, that same area on the central screen reacts. Acura calls this "absolute positioning" and sounds like a very interesting piece of kit.

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The cockpit concept also suggests that semi-autonomous driving will play a part in future Honda and Acura models. Drivers will use the screen to engage semi-automated driving, which will display cars in close proximity, differentiating between those that are being controlled by humans and those that are driving themselves. And having highlighted them on the screen, artificial intelligence as part of an advanced vision mode will also predict where pedestrians and cyclists- even those obscured from vision-will move. All of this advanced tech will be accompanied by high-end materials on the dash, such as natural wood and Alcantara, all surrounded by ambient lighting.

The Android-based system remains a concept for now, but Acura confirmed it "will power future production cars." Expect to see it rolled out on an updated Acura NSA first.


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