Acura Put A Cheat Code Into The NSX To Turn Off All The Driver Aids

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A secret code disables AWD and ABS.

Depending on what type of enthusiast you talk to, you might hear that the Acura NSX is an amazing supercar or one that's a little lackluster. Either way you cut it, the NSX is a high-performance machine with its twin-turbo V6 engine and hybrid powertrain delivering a combined 573 hp. All of this is controlled through various driver aids, which include all-wheel drive, ABS and more. It's a high-tech machine that puts technology first and driving feel second, but apparently there's a way to fix all of this.


According to Dynamic Development Leader of the NSX Project, Nick Robinson, who spoke with Autocar, there's a cheat code that disables the supercar's all-wheel drive and turns it into a drift machine. When talking about the possibility of a NSX Type R, Robinson revealed the available mode for the all-wheel-drive hybrid. "There is a maintenance mode," stated Robinson, who likened it to enabling cheats on a PlayStation games console where electric motor assistance and ABS are turned off. Robinson claims that the handling and steering feel odd, because the systems are meant to work in collaboration with the driven front wheels. However, he concedes "it's a drift machine."

There's no way to know if this cheat code really exists unless Acura comes out with a video showing drivers how to use it. Not to mention, losing the supercar's all-wheel-drive system would result in the loss of roughly 47 hp, but 500 hp going to the rear wheels and no ABS sounds like more than enough fun.

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