Acura RDX Prototype Teases Most Extensive Redesign In Years

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Its design inspiration: the stunning Precision Concept.

Set to make its debut next month at the Detroit Auto Show, the Acura RDX Prototype is just that, a very clear preview of the upcoming redesigned crossover that's vital to the automaker's bottom line. To say the current RDX is a bit bland inside and out would be an understatement, but Acura assures us this will be a thing of the past. Only a single teaser image of the prototype has been released, but Acura says the RDX is about to get its most extensive redesign in a decade.

The third-generation crossover SUV will feature styling inspired by the Precision Concept and Precision Cockpit. Furthermore, the third-generation RDX will be built on an all-new, Acura-exclusive platform. Good to hear it won't be just a fancier and more expensive Honda Pilot. Acura adds the new RDX's exterior styling adapts the low, wide and sleek presence of the Precision Concept (also pictured here), only applied to an SUV. There's a strong character line that runs along the entire profile as well. The interior has a new user interface operating system designed from a clean sheet. No word yet as to what will be under the hood, but we do expect a hybrid version to be on offer.


Acura can't afford to make any mistakes with its new RDX because its predecessors have been among the best-sellers in the premium SUV segment. Considering the rapidly growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers over sedans, the next Acura RDX has to get everything right. The Prototype version will offer the first indicators whether the automaker has accomplished this.

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