Acura Reveals How Engineers Developed The NSX Type S

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Form and function come together for the final NSX of this generation.

The new Acura NSX Type S is awesome. Revealed last month as a send-off for the current generation NSX, the limited-edition supercar boasts refined styling, 600 horsepower of grunt, and better handling. Since just 350 will be made, it's sure to become quite a collectors' item, and that became especially evident when the very first of these supercars sold on auction for the staggering sum of $1.1 million. But is the NSX Type S worth all the hype and all the money, or is it just a new trim level with some subtle tweaks? To answer that, Acura has provided us with an insight into the car's development in a new mini-documentary style video.


The development of the Type S was led by Chief Engineer Satoshi Mizukami, who explains the philosophy behind the new supercar. "Power definitely contributes to what we strive for, including the joy of driving, but that alone wouldn't be enough." Acura designed the car with handling, style, and excitement in mind. The way the car looks and feels is just as important as the way it performs in a straight line, so Acura's motto for development was "performance design," with the team striving to visualize performance through the way the car looks and make it feel more dramatic by increasing the amount of engine noise you experience in the cabin.

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Unusually, designers were asked to join engineers in wind tunnel testing, and the result is aerodynamic efficiency without compromising on style. Design Lead Dai Hara explains that the larger intakes in the front fascia increase peak cooling performance but reduce front-end stability. To counter this, the team added a new spoiler to help recover that lost downforce. As you can see, "every single component has a purpose," and the NSX Type S is sure to be remembered for years to come. As Mizukami says, the electrification of the Type S will "contribute greatly to the future of the company." We can't wait to see what's next, not just for Acura, but for the NSX that may yet return as an EV supercar.

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