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Acura's Certified Pre-Owned Program Just Got Better

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Great news for anyone looking for CPO cars.

With a glut of used cars on the market, the competition between manufacturer's used vehicle refurbishment and warranty programs is heating up. For people that want to minimize the risk of buying a used car, a certified pre-owned program usually comes with benefits such as a limited warranty, roadside assistance, and loaner vehicles. Some CPO programs are better than others though.

Today, Acura has announced significant improvements to its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program. Acura was recognized in May this year for a third time by Autotrader as having one of the 10 Best CPO Programs for 2019, and the checklist for cars to be sold through the program is long. To even start the qualifying process, the Acura model being sold has to have under 80,000 miles on the clock and be less than six model years old.

The main headline for the improvements to the program is the limited warranty's non-powertrain coverage that doubles in length to 24 months, or up to 100,000 total odometer miles if that comes first. Not only is this a large benefit for anyone buying a CPO Acura, but shows the confidence the brand currently has in its recent vehicles. Powertrain coverage remains at 7 years or 100,000 miles.

On top of that, customers of the CPO program will also get a complimentary first scheduled maintenance that includes an oil and filter change, replacement air intake filter, cabin air filter, rear differential fluid, and brake fluid as well as the tires being rotated.

For anyone interested to try it out, there's also a three-month trial of Acura's cloud-based, connected service system, AcuraLink, thrown in for good measure.

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Other benefits CPO owners get from Acura include emergency roadside assistance, trip-interruption expense reimbursement and concierge service. Motor Club Benefits are also still on the ticket for the duration of the warranty and includes emergency towing, flat-tire change, battery boost, lockout assistance and, for bad planners, emergency fuel delivery.