Acura's Future May Have Just Been Saved

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Honda announces it's turning Acura into a standalone brand.

It's been a long time coming, but Honda is finally doing something about Acura. We've written in the past how Acura is in desperate need of new and relevant products if it wants to survive. The upcoming second-gen NSX won't be enough. So what's Honda's big plan? For starters, it's making Acura a standalone division within the company for the first time. That means it'll have its own management and marketing teams, as well as many additional vital resources.

Set to be officially called the Acura Division beginning on April 1, the whole idea is to make sure there's a clear distinction between it and Honda, which at the same time will be renamed the Honda Division. Makes sense. Acura's newly appointed general manager, Mike Accavitti, stated that "We see Acura as being every bit of a luxury brand as the Germans or the other Japanese or the domestics to be honest. What you're going to see as we move forward is a strengthening of that brand position. It's going to be a luxury done in a different way." We'd love to see Acura have a proper revival, here's hoping they do it right.

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