Acura Teases The NSX With Track Footage

Acura's Nineties masterpiece returns to the track.

We tend to see a lot of teasers which basically amount to a couple of the poorly lit extreme closeups of some unimportant part of the car. Thankfully, this is not one of those teasers. Although better than last week's portrait view teaser, we still only get a few brief glimpses of the car, but we are treated to the full glory of the sights and sounds of Acura’s reintroduced supercar. Though Toyota might have produced Japan’s first and most recent supercars, the NSX carried the banner by itself for quite a few years.

For those of us who have been let down by concepts which never made it to production in the past, this is especially good news, as it means that the NSX will actually become a real thing.

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